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About us

Today We Cherish the opportunity to nourish the health and happiness of our guests, team members, and community. We recognize that each guest is an individual and that a healthy diet means different things to different people. So we have thoughtfully crafted our menu to reflect the varied dietary preferences of our guests.

Whether your healthy diet means eating vegan, keto, gluten-free, or just food that tastes great and makes you feel even better, we have a menu for you.

And because we believe that healthy food means real food, each of our chef-inspired meals is prepared from scratch with fresh, natural, and – whenever possible – locally sourced ingredients. We are making it easy – and delicious – for you to nourish your healthy life.

Yet, we consider a great meal just the beginning of our commitment to you as our guest. We say “Today We Cherish” as a reminder to reflect upon those people and moments that bring joy and happiness into our lives. And, whether your happiness is Sunday brunch with family, lunch with coworkers, dinner and wine with friends, or just some time alone away from your hectic life, we commit to providing a welcoming, positive environment in which you can experience these moments you cherish with the people you cherish.

Let us help nourish your happiness.