Our goal is for Cherish to help nourish the health and happiness of everyone it touches, whether that’s our guests whom we have the privilege to serve or the farmers and food artisans with whom we partner to obtain the freshest, healthiest ingredients for our menu. But, this goal really begins at home, with the team members upon whom we rely to provide each of our guests with an experience they will Cherish.

We believe it is our moral obligation – and essential to the success of our mission – to foster the health and happiness of our team members by ensuring a positive, respectful, fulfilling work environment. Working in a restaurant provides a unique and awesome opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of each of our guests. Whether you’re the cashier who welcomes our guests with a bright smile and warm greeting, the cook who skillfully prepares their meals, the dishwasher who ensures that everything is sparkling clean, or the floor runner who does whatever it takes to make our guests feel at home, working together you provide an experience that makes each guest’s day a little brighter. It is immensely fulfilling to end your day knowing that you have made someone else’s day better; but it is awesome to end a shift knowing that your efforts have touched the lives of hundreds of guests. That is a lot of happiness that you have brought into the world.

We are looking for positive people who want to contribute to a positive environment. We are looking for people who wholeheartedly agree with the prior paragraph and who want to join our mission to help nourish the health and happiness of our guests, team members, and communities. We are looking for people who expect to be held to the highest standards, but who also expect to be appreciated for their efforts.

If this sounds like you, then we would love to talk with you about joining our team. We are currently hiring for all positions. Please follow the link below to fill out an application.